JERUSALEM 12-24.8.2019

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Ariel Municipal Company thanks the following for their help and support:
Thanks to the Jerusalem Municipality and Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Lion for their assistance in the Festival events.
Thanks to the General Manager of the Jerusalem Municipality Itzik Larry.
Thanks to the Director of the Culture, Social Affairs and Sports Administration Ariela Rajwan.
Thanks to the Youth Authority of the Jerusalem Municipality headed by Shlomo Levi.
Thanks to the Jerusalem and Heritage Ministry.
Thanks to Maccabi, the main sponsor of the Festival.

Thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Sport, Members of the Directorate of Ariel Municipal Company. Thanks to the Czech House in Jerusalem, Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv and The South Korean Cultural Center in Israel.

A special thanks to the Embassies of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Hungary, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uruguay for their help and support.

‏Dear Friends

The International Arts and Crafts Festival Jerusalem is a Jerusalem treasure.  I am delighted and moved  that this year, even more than ever, Jerusalem is hosting  outstanding  artists and artisans at the Festival, from Israel and from all over the globe, creating an unusual  and enchanted atmosphere for the many visitors from Israel and from abroad.
Our Jerusalem is constantly moving forward with innovative and modern development on the one hand, while preserving the history and heritage in every corner of the city, modern beauty side by side with historic beauty, weaving one within the other, invoking inspiration and creating a unique oneness.
All this next to a flourishing, stimulating and outstanding world of culture and art in this unique city.
I invite all Jerusalemites and visitors to the Festival to enjoy the medley of crafts, music, performances and culinary experiences, and of course, the cool Jerusalem summer evenings.
Welcome to this extraordinary Festival, an integral part of our city Jerusalem for many decades, a celebration of the senses and  a joyous event which reinvents itself anew every year.

Simply enjoy,
Moshe Lion
Mayor of the City of Jerusalem

The International Arts and Crafts Festival, Jerusalem is held at the Khutsot Hayotser Arts and Crafts Center, Mitchell Gardens and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in the Sultan’s Pool, opposite the Tower of David at the foot of the Old City Walls.  This year the Festival is celebrating 44 years of the cultural event that has become a tradition in Jerusalem and the main tourist and artistic attraction of the summer season.   

The Festival is open every evening (except Fridays) from 18:00 – 23:00, Saturday from 21:00 until midnight.

The International Arts and Crafts Festival Jerusalem
Khutsot Hayotser Jerusalem
Produced by Ariel Municipal Company Ltd.

Ariel Municipal Company
Director General – Zion Torgeman
Deputy Director General – Ofer Weiser
Director of Events and Production – Ravit Yitzhaki
Director of Advertising – Sharon Shalev
Assistant to the Director General – Dana Malka

Fair Production
Producer and Artistic Director – Sara Malka
Technical Producer – Gidi Lis
Poster Design – Dudu Harel
Graphic Design – Advertising Agency
Public Relations – Tal Merom and Ron Granot
Foreign Relations Coordinator – Libby Bergstein
Production Team: Sivan Sonego, Liraz Oz, Shani Fogel, Elinor Katz, Hanit Luzda
Marketing and Ticket Sales: Bimot
Security Adviser – Labetach – Engineering and Security Ltd.
Electricity Adviser and Responsible Officer- Yaakov Netanel, Or-Ian Electrical
Security officer – Alon Afgin

Around 150 of the best of Israel’s artists and artisans exhibit paintings, prints, ceramics, metalwork and jewelry, weaving and textiles, Judaica, toys, crafts in various techniques, works in wood and more.

Children’s Crafts
Chen Savyon | Irina Litsky | Makda Ben Naeh | Orna Zemack | Roni Yaffe | Shahaf Rosenthal  | Sigal Shani | Yael Demari | Yossi Tavori

Applied Craft
Anat Abarbanel | David Goodman | Dorit Shafir | Eden Avieli | E.D.N.M | Eyal Simon | Itzik Even-Ram| House of Quality | Madi Avisahi | Ministry of Social affairs and Social services | Rachel Wodner | Ronit Frishberg | Shirli Nawi | Sivan Levi | Tiva Livne | Vivian Aravot | Yael and Ora Lipskin | Yael Lindenbaum | Yifat Cohen Admony | Yonat Bar

Vitrage and Glass
Sarah Hasidof | Yael Halfi

Alon Sharabi | Bat Sheva Arad | Dan Osher Tzor | Nili Waiss | Osnat Elihay |  Zohar Gilad

Works in Leather
Avichai Izhary | Dalia Lev | Michal Shulman Vardi | Nayya More |Pola Vaisberg | Shay Aharony | Shlomi Levi | Yodit Brnfeled

Works in Wood
Ilana Hovev | Yohanan Abrgel | Yossi zigdon

Anny Cohen | Eran Goldfasb | Hadas Koka | Michal Ram Nisha Concept | Pnina Hury | Sagiv Gurvitch | Sapir Gelman | Tair Former Cotrim | Vicka Bahana-Santos | Yaelz Taitz

Assaf Alkalay | Mira (Pinki) Krispil | Vered Albahari Brimer

Hadar Cohen | Noga Shalev | Roi Simon | Rotem Atad  | Viki Yaron

Dorit Dovrat | Dror Farbada | Galit Weiss | Liora Zonshain | Orna Karo | Rotem Tal | Shalva | Shlomo Levi | Tzora Latoar | Zipi Gabai

Metalwork and Jewelry
Ariella Nachshon | Aliza Rubens | David Azriel | Einat Agmon | Hedva Barak | Irena Zelikman | Irit Knafo | Karen Mor  | Liat Monarov | Limor Revivo | Mali Millo | Naama & Roni Krugliak | Sima Dadon | Tamar Kfir | Telma Liran | Talia Luvaton | Tzuf Halpert | Yaniv Shmilovich

Guest artists and artisans from abroad exhibit their crafts and objets d’art at the Festival in unique booths and exhibits and demonstrate their creative process.
The international exhibit includes authentic and varied arts and crafts:

From the Far East: China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.
From South and Central America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.
From Asia: Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
From Europe: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Romania.
From Africa: Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.
From the United States: Puerto Rico
Dancers from Mexico and South Korea will perform on the central stage in the International Pavilion.

Creative workshops, tattoo corners, balloon figures, marksmanship stand, drawing corners and more.
Every day (except Saturday night) from 18:00 until 20:00

Mashehu Mashehu Theater hosts Circusum

Special events

Tav Café

a wandering courtyard for an interdisciplinary experience by the Tav Group

The Tav Group invites the audience to the cafe in their courtyard, offering guests their finest goods, fulfilling all the needs of the body and the soul:
coffee and cake, a monologue, a slice of bread in olive oil, fire juggling, a glass of wine, a gypsy tune, Bulgarian cheese, a tightrope walker, coffee reading, dancing shadows, belly dancing and matchmaking for dessert.

Cafe Tav was founded in 1988 in the Acco Fringe Festival, and has traveled from there to leading festivals, leaving their imprint as a unique social cultural event.

Tens of musicians, dancers and circus performers have participated in this project over the years, creating in it and growing within it, until its crystalized to its present troupe with it unforgettable participants. Above all, is Cafe Tav’s connection with the summer nights of Jerusalem, recognized as an integral part of the International Arts and Crafts Festival Jerusalem, creating life in the center of the Israeli Pavilion.

The intrigue created between the troup and the audience, improving over the years, is a unique Jerusalem phenomenon, a romantic adventure which renews itself every time.
From the beginning of the intimate evening until its stormy ending.

Everything unexpected happens in the scaffolding courtyard of Tav, with the La and Kiri Fair troupe and the group of gypsies that star in the Cafe. So prepare all your senses, because the audience is the performer, the menu is the play and life is the performance.


The Bezalel Compound

“The White House”
is a Jerusalem artistic and cultural compound that allows the public a unique entrance into the creative world of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

The creations of the students are for sale in the compound, in addition to different creative workshops which enable the visitors to the Festival to experience the wide range of disciplines and techniques taught in the Bezalel Academy.

The “White House” is a unique exhibition and selling space of the works of the students from all the eight disciplines at Bezalel: Architecture, Visual communication, Industrial design, Ceramics and Glass Design, Fine arts, Photography, Screen based arts, Jewelry and Fashion.

We invite you to enjoy this unique compound which expands and grows every year. This year we are delighted to inform you about the expansion of the compound, both its unique objects and the amazing workshops of the Bezalel students.

Once again the Bezalel Students Union is proud to return and take part in the “International Arts and Crafts Festival Jerusalem”’. This is the seventh year we have had the privilege of taking part in the Festival and taking part in encouraging and supporting young artists in Jerusalem, to contribute to promoting culture and art in the city.

Hadassah College Jerusalem Compound

The Students Union of Hadassah College Jerusalem returns to bring the work of the students in different departments. The students from Industrial Design and Photographic Communications will exhibit and sell their dynamic and innovative work

The exhibit includes framed photographs, postcards and objects designed by the students.

The Artists Colony in Khutsot Hayotser

The complex of studios and galleries of contemporary artists, open all year, in an enchanting place situated between Jaffa Gate and the Yemin Moshe neighborhood, the Sultan’s Pool and Teddy Park, overlooking the Old City Walls is a source of inspiration for the artisans creating in the complex.
The artist colony is home to renowned Israeli artisans, many whose work has been exhibited in Museums and are in private collections in Israel and abroad, painters, photographers, silversmiths, jewelers, metal artisans, leather, embroidery and weaving.
The galleries are open to the public.
Come and visit the artisans and experience the artist at work.
The galleries are open all Sunday – Thursday, 10:00 – 17:00
and Fridays from 10:00 – 14:00

Artists Colony



The Artists Colony, Khutzot Hayotser, Jerusalem – A Place where Tradition meets Art

International Food Fair

A wide variety of quality food stands from Israeli and International Kitchens.

The Taverna

Greek performances with leading singers of Greek music perform the best and favorite songs of the lovers of Greek music in Israel.


Shlomi Shabbat Hosts Nasrin Kadari

Dani Gidi and friends

Yehuda Poliker Hosts Yuval Dayan

Static and Ben El Tavori Liran Danino

סגירת תפריט
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